Import Sale Orders

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Import Sale Orders

Available Key Features
  • You can Import Sale Orders directly from file.
  • Importing Sale Orders using CSV/XLS
  • If you want to import sale orders with "Take Details From The sale orders" option then follow given XLS format.
  • The sale order is in draft stage and Sequance(sale Order number) is same as we given in CSV/XLS file.
  • Given below is the sample of import file, sample file available in this module.
    Path:- static > Sample File
  • Please check date format pattern
Import Sale Orders
Installation Guide
Before installing this module you have to install following packages.

Install Following Packages:

  • xlrd
  • xlwt

>> sudo pip / pip3 install xlrd
>> sudo pip / pip3 install xlwt
>> sudo apt-get install python-xlrd
>> sudo apt-get install python-xlwt

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