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POS KOT Separate Receipt of Categories

Available Key Features
  • Allows you to Print Kitchen Receipt without POS box in Thermal Printer as per different POS Category.
  • Print all items in Kitchen Print Receipt till not press 'done' in KOT Receipt screen.
  • Once 'Done' in KOT Receipt Screen next time after adding any items not show before printed items in Kitchen Order Receipt.
  • Shows No Pending Items if no items added to the cart or already done.
  • Allow to Print Changed Qty, Note, and removed products in Receipt by POS Category.
1. Configuration : Allow KOT Receipt Printing
2. KOT Receipt Button
3. NEW KOT Receipt Category wise
4. CANCELLED KOT Receipt Category wise
5. NEW & CANCELLED KOT Receipt Category wise
6. KOT Receipt without any Item

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