POS Salesperson

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POS Salesperson

Available Key Features
  • Allow POS cashier to work with multiple Salesperson.
  • Allow to use salesperson and cashier in single order.
  • Show Salesperson in Order and Reports to track salesperson orders.
  • Allow to select Salesperson with pin authentication from point of sale.
  • Works in Normal as well as with Bar/Restaurant view.
1. Salesperson Configuration

2. Point of Sale Configuration with Salesperson

3. Select Cashier & Salesperson in Point of sale screen

A). Cashier & Salesperson Selection

B). Cashier Selection window

C). Salesperson Selection window

D). Salesperson Selection with Authentication

E). Invalid Password warning if invalid Pin enter of selected Salesperson

F). Salesperson changed

G). Cashier & Salesperson Details in POS Ticket

4. Cashier & Salesperson In Order

5. Cashier & Salesperson In Reports

Order Report:

Sales Details Report:

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