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Product Approval / Refuse Workflow

Available Key Features
  • This module will allows you to approve or refuse product only by product manager.
  • Email intimation to all product manager of company for approve, refuse or viiew product by user on create.
  • Only confirmed products are able to access. For an example in sales order, purchase order and manufacturing etc...
  • Once product approve user can't update product information.
  • Feasible with multi company environment.
1. Configuration : Product Manager Group
2. Product Creation and Email for Approval / Refuse
  • Once Product created by user without product manager access, send an email for approval / refuse to all product managers..
  • Email includes product name, user detail and product direct link.
  • Product Manager can directly access product from button click and approve/ refuse product.
3. Product Approval / Refuse
  • Product manager can Approve/ Refuse product which are in Draft state also can be Reset to Draft products which are in 'Confirmed' state.
  • Only Approved products are shown in sales, purchase etc...
  • Once product approve user can't update product information.
  • Track all details in chatter like approve/refuse by and product state change.

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