Project Team

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Project Team

Manage Project & Task with Project Team.

Available Key Features
  • Allows to create multi pal project team with project manager and team member details.
  • Allows to assign project team in project.
  • Task can be assigned to selected team members only.
  • While creating/editing task only show team members in the Assigned to.
  • Other then Team member can not assign project task by click Assigned to Me.
1. Project Team Configuration

2. Assign Team to Project

A). Set Project Team & auto set Manger and Members
B). Show team member of project team in project

C). Show Team & manager Details on Project Kanban

3. Assign Task & Restriction
A). Restrict user to create task of non team member
B). Restrict User to Assign to Me action if he/she not part of team

C). Task assign to project team member

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