Sync POS orders across multiple sessions

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POS Sync Orders

sync POS orders with different sessions
(eg . create order in POS1, expand it in POS2, get payment in Main)

Available Key Features
  • POS Order Sync is a tool to synchronize order between multiple sessions(when more than one active sessions are available).
  • We can easily sync orders to different sessions.
  • There is automatically sync of POS orders.
  • You can set Accept incoming orders in this session or not.
1. Configuration

A). Open "Point of Sale -> Configuration -> Point of Sales" and create or open some Point of Sale record.
B). Set Multi-session value (create new one if need) and click the Save button to save your changes. Set the same Multi-session for other "Point of Sale", which should be synced.

C). Multi-session Configuration.
2. Sync Orders view on POS screen
  • login as Admin User on computer1 -> start session on main
  • login as Demo User on computer2 -> start session on POS1
3. Sync session will be displayed as follows

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